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TSC – Level 3 Charging Stations

In additional to installing and maintaining Level 2 EV charging stations mainly used in residential situation, Trans Solar Corps specializes in Level 3 chargers designed for public facilities. Level 3 chargers, unlike Levels 1 and 2 which deliver AC powered, are DC allowing for rapid charge capacity for shorter charging time and require a 480-volt source. Level 3 chargers utilize higher levels of power and current to charge the EV in minutes rather than hours. This type of charging stations are designed for heavy-duty industrial use such as commercial or service fleets as well as the optimal choice for public charging infrastructures with little recharging time. Given its expertise, Trans Solar Corps is versatile in the various types of EV charges that it supports and services.

TSC’s versatility is not limited to installation and maintenance of a variety EV charger voltage levels, but, also the capacity to operate multi-units, including chargers with unit payment systems, at a time enables. As a result, its clients are assured the best assessment and service at every step and component of bringing charging stations to the owners and users of electric vehicles.

Please contact us at 954-667-8103 if you have any questions or if you need an assessment.

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